Celebrate 10 years with us! 

October 1, the beginning of the tenth month of the year, marks our tenth anniversary! Help us raise $10,000 for each of our programs and ensure a successful start to our next 10 years. 

In 2007 we set out to rethink community development. Since then, we have transformed one of Denver's most economically marginalized neighborhoods, Westwood, into a thriving resilient community. How? By increasing access to healthy food through our programs.

We are setting out to raise $10,000 for Re:Own - one of our flagship programs that is focused on growing self-sufficient economies by being the catalyst for a resident owned economy by supporting our makers. A strong local economy can only come from its residents, and the residents of Westwood are makers. From tamales, salsa, colorful murals, to locally grown organic produce and handmade jewelry, this is the soul of Westwood and the seedling that will yield a resident-owned economy. We strive to provide these makers a space. While we have the buildings, they are need of serious repair; the roof is in really bad shape, we need to add a heater so that people can work in there year-round. The Westwood Food Co-Op is the only food co-op in the country that is owned by residents of a low-income community in a food desert, and we need your help to make some improvements. In particular, we need to finish rennovating the space, and need to make some repairs to our coolers


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